250 W. Social Row Road | Washington Township, Ohio 45458


I want to say my praise is hard to earn. My background is physical therapy. I presently work as a physician advisor. I am polite, but I do not believe in false praise. I am so impressed by the gym/rehab area.

Austin Trace has a beautiful functional living area gym (kitchen, laundry, bathroom, bedroom and the garage zone for car transfers). I've shown these photos to numerous people and the feedback has ranged from 'wow, that's a way to prevent readmissions' to 'that is as nice as an inpatient rehab facility.' The ability to practice car transfers without getting wet or cold is amazing.

The ability to get patients home depends on safety and that is a great area to prove safety or lack of safety. Facilities and families alike worry about patient safety and falls. The space you have help prevent those problems is so well laid out. It would be easy for patients and families to learn in your facility and carry over that learning to their home if they can go home.

The physical space for rehab is beautiful. The culture of kindness and healing can also be clearly observed in the facility. The staff have the appearance of authentic joy. The staff have been observed smiling and greeting residents which as we all know is how it should be, but unfortunately, it often is not.

I wish you and your facility success. In one of the hardest points of our family's life, your facility has been a ray of sunshine.


I was initially frightened about my short term stay when discharging from the hospital, but after being admitted to Austin Trace my fears were relieved. The staff has been very good to me and helped me achieve my goals to return home. I have another surgery planned in the future and I will certainly be returning to Austin Trace again to recover. This has been a great experience and I will recommend this facility to everyone!


I can't say enough about how nice Austin Trace is, how clean it is, how respectful the staff is and what great care I received.


Austin Trace is a very nice place with great staff! My stay was a very positive experience!


Our family could not have been more appreciative of the care our father received at Austin Trace. A great place, great facility, but one exceptional difference.......GREAT PEOPLE! Over his stay "home" had become Austin Trace where he felt safe, cared for, and secure.....that was the greatest gift for me, my Dad, and our family.

Ty S.

I wanted to thank the staff at Austin Trace for their exceptional care of my husband, Robert. A few names that I do remember that were especially helpful - Krissy, Kristen and Jessica. As well as the RT staff, Michelle, Laura, and Lisa. So many others that I can't remember names of. The facility is beautiful and I will and have recommended to others.

Mary M.